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Industry News

On the 17th June 2014, the Court of Appeal ruled in a key decision regarding the use of ‘do not resuscitate’ notices (DNRs). Judges have found that the failure by doctors to discuss the use of DNR notices with a patient or their family, is a breach of the patient’s human rights. Mrs Janet Tracey […]

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Clinical Negligence News

A woman has been left with a permanent facial disfigurement after a succession of operations were botched. The 32 year old woman has been left devastated after learning she may never be able to smile again. The patient, who had a face deforming syndrome, was receiving surgery to remove an infection but after an error […]

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Medical Negligence News

A schoolgirl has been awarded £1 million in compensation following a hospitals mistake which led to her having both feet amputated. Chantelle Pringle was only two years old when a late admission to hospital caused both her feet to be amputated. Her mother, Kelly Grotz was concerned about Chantelle when she developed a high temperature […]

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